New York- Hotel Bar

How is it that the self timer took a better shot than the bartender??

The top of The Standard Hotel was probably the best part of the hotel. Best styled bar I've ever seen. Not that I'm a big bar expert. But this place was awesome. I wish I would've taken a photo of the waitress' and their outfits. It's open only to hotel guests from something like 4-8pm or 5-8pm or something like that. Then it becomes, The Boom Boom Room. I know, ridiculous name. But it's serious stuff. It's mostly rented out for private parties by big time celebs or spenders. If you are in New York and can somehow sneak up there for a drink, do it! (You'll need to hijack a hotel guests room key but still, worth a shot!)

This was where Aaron accidentally ordered a $120 martini. Don't worry, the bartender double checked with him and Aaron almost spit out his water when he heard the mistake he made.