frog party

I can't believe I forgot to post about this party, it was back in May. I hate when things slip through the cracks, unless I blog it it's as if it didn't happen! Our friend's little boy graduated from 5th grade, well, he's not so little anymore. Man, do they grow fast. She is my idol. Literally. The best cook, the best housekeeper, and the nicest person. Extremely generous and kind. So there was no surprise that no detail was forgotten at this party.

It was a frog theme and everyone had to wear green. The activities were endless, and my kids had the time of their life. We're talking Twister, face painting, bean toss, pin the tongue on the frog, tug o' war, sack races, football, I can go on. And on. They had special frogs made for the bean toss and you can put your face in it for pictures as well. Genius I tell you.

From the other side, as the kids are getting ready to toss.

The graduate.

You were only supposed to get your face painted like a frog. The two children without frog painted faces? Mine.