deep thoughts with my kids

I have had quite a bit of one on one time with the kids lately. It's been so refreshing to get to talk to them and get inside their little minds and figure out what is going on. On Friday Greta and I had quite a bit of time together when we drove down to Long Beach, and got lost. She was pretty sweet and kept asking if we got lost cause she was in the car. Then once we got directions she kept reminding me, "Pine mama, look for Pine"!

In the car she jumped from one topic to the next without much transition. It went like this:

Greta: Mama, can trees be purple?

Me: Well, they can have purple flowers, but the trunk itself can't be purple. Unless of course you paint it, and then the tree would die.

Greta: Mama, what's camouflage mean?

Me: It's blending into the background. So if I wear a grey dress and stand in front of a grey wall then I am camouflaged. Some animals use camouflage so that they blend into leaves and rocks.

Greta: Mama, what's a band?

Me: It's a musical group. Different groups that sing pick a name for themselves.

Greta: Like Regina Spektor?

Me: Well, she's a singer and that's her real name. But sometimes they don't use their real name.

Greta: What band is this?

Me: Smashing Pumpkins.

Greta (quite a long pause): Because they like to smash pumpkins while they sing.

Me: Hmmm, I don't think so. But I don't know why they chose that name.

Greta: Mama, that roof is camouflaged into that house!

Me: You are right. Good job.

Greta: Mama, what band is this?


Greta: That's not a very good name.

Me: Yeah, it's just letters. Must stand for something.

Greta: Mama, I dream every night.

Me: You do? That's good if you can remember your dreams. Some people can't remember theirs.

Greta: Yeah, I can only remember ONE of my dreams. But I have more than that.

Me: I dream only sometimes.

Greta: Mama, remember PINE! Look for PINE!

Today Sawyer and I had a bonding trip to see the doctor. And we had quite a bit of traffic coming home. Somehow he got on the subject of people dying and gardening. Their minds seriously confuse me sometimes. The government thinks that it's a hazard to talk on the phone and drive, try talking with a 5 year old and answering some serious questions.

Sawyer: Mama, when you are dead, you're just in a deep sleep.

Me: Correct.

Sawyer: So if you're buried will you remember that?

Me: No.

Sawyer: What happens if you don't get buried?

Me: What do you mean?

Sawyer: Like if someone was shot and they were on the ground, what would happen to their body if no one buried it?

Me: Ay. Well. If someone is not alive then their body changes. It doesn't look alive. And it changes color and eventually is a skeleton.

Sawyer: And then you can bury the bones?

Me: I guess so.

Sawyer: Mama, did we plant all the roses in our front yard?

Me: No, we had a special gardener come and do that.

Sawyer: Mama, we should learn how to garden. Daddy said we can go to Anawalt and just buy the plants.

Me: Yes, but planting them so they stay alive is kinda hard. But yes, we should learn.

Sawyer: Mama, do people have to get married?

Me: No.

Sawyer: They can just be really old and not married?

Me: Yes.

Sawyer: Well, I don't want people to think I'm married when I'm not. So I'll just get married.

Me: Ok.

See what I mean? Exhausting. Distracting. You try driving and having these types of conversations. Thankfully they can't see my face before I answer a question because it's usually a mixture of fright, terror, and hilarity.