International Parade

The boys' school have an annual International Festival(photos to come). Each class is assigned a country and you learn all about that country for a few weeks. There's a Parade of Nations where all the kids can dress up like their culture or they can pick any other culture to dress up like. Then the final culmination is the International Festival which is a FUNraiser, not fundraiser. In fact, they barely earn just enough to cover next year's expenses, but it's a lot of fun. They have crafts and games, international food and bands play along with dancers.

This year Sawyer decided to dress up for the parade, I can't get Gunnar to do it. Already too cool for school. Sawyer was going to be an American cowboy and since Greta heard the word dress up, she got in on that action. Each class walks around the track in their costumes and everyone high fives each other. Super cute. Well, Greta was quite the hit. And somehow she picked up a Honduran flag somewhere along the way. I was dying.

Definitely a plus to raising our kids in a big city, they are exposed to so many cultures and people and languages. I love that their school teaches tolerance and understanding about all our differences.