-Got to attend the first two days at our district convention. So great. The second day was cut a little short. Apparently, the seaweed strips from Trader Joe's must be made on some machinery using shrimp or shellfish. :/ No bueno for Soso.

-Gunnar has his first guitar recital tomorrow. We are so excited for him. I have no idea the little diddy he will be playing, but I'm sure it'll rock the house.

-I learned the boys absolutely hate when Aaron and I argue. So much that they wrote us letters while we were arguing and hand delivered them to us with eyes welled up with tears! Talk about torture! And this wasn't even a knock down drag out fight! No seriously, they really don't like us disagreeing. I had to explain to them that it's very important for them to see that two people who love each other will have disagreements and can come to solutions, without name calling or yelling. Just talking it out. And that's exactly what happened. But they still requested we wait til they go to bed. :( So sad. I know. But I still feel it's important for them to understand what a real marriage is like and that relationships have ups and downs, and as long as people are respectful of one another (which Aaron and I always are of each other) it's good for them to see how problems are handled. Some of you may disagree, but I was raised that way and I think I handle problems/arguments in a successful manner.

-Trying to talk the kids into seeing Marmaduke over Shrek. We promised them a movie after the recital, and I'm over Shrek. Like 3 movies ago.

-FINALLY have my new end table beside my side of the bed. It was a long and irritating event. But in the end, due to some damage when it arrived from the packaging store, I got it for free. Yep, for free. Aaron was able to repair it so it looks brand new. And it didn't cost a dime. !!!

-Received a frightening call from Jane about lipgloss! I must do more research, but are the majority of lipglosses made from petroleum jelly? I must find out and report back. But until then Greta is only allowed to play dress up with lipstick, no gloss. Dr Oz you may be the death of me.

-Signed up yet AGAIN for Wheel of Fortune Best Friends Week. I love that show, and I think I've applied like 3 times now. ONE day they're going to have to interview us. One. Day. You hear that Pat!?

- 4 days of school left for Greta. 10 for the boys. Countdown begins.....