New York Baby

Finally I have my head around straight and can blog about our trip to New York. We haven't left the kids for more than 2 nights ever. And never farther than driving distance. I went to New York in January alone, but since Aaron was here with them and it still was for 48 hours, it really doesn't count. I was surprisingly less nervous this time around than in January. I cried for days before I left. But this time I was totally fine. I knew they were in capable hands. And I figured the ones who were going to have the hardest time were my parents. They were troopers however and made our 10 year anniversary wonderful. Getting the chance to be with just Aaron and revisit where we kindled our relationship and lived the first year of our married life. It was priceless.

This time I was very good about taking my drugs and passing out on the plane. I awoke with just enough time to squeeze in a movie and then we landed. We checked into our hotel, The Standard, showered, got cleaned up and then decided to walk around and grab dinner. It was about 11pm by this point and you know what? We didn't care!!! There was no clock or time keeping at all. We just slept when we wanted, ate when we wanted, and it was joyous! The area we stayed in, Chelsea was fantastic, and wow has it changed in the last 9 years. It was so alive and full of people. We ate pizza at Gaslamp Pizzeria and just walked and walked. Then we stopped for cocktails and dessert at Fig & Olive. Such a neat place. I don't think we disliked a single meal the entire time we were in New York.

You got a glimpse of our hotel room a few weeks back in my Wordless Wednesday. Sorry to disappoint all of you but Aaron didn't take the picture. He was out grabbing us some bagels and I used my trusty purse as a tripod and the 'ol self timer. I had envisioned that photo from the moment we walked into our hotel room. And I don't think Aaron knew I took the photo until the pictures were uploaded to our computer once we got back. The Standard is a very trendy and cool hotel. Kinda too awesome for Aaron and I. I consider myself mildly fun and hip, but let me tell you, I was out of my element! It is styled just perfect. The color scheme is black, white, grey, and yellow. The roof top bar, oh my. I will have to do a separate post solely of the rooftop bar. A M A Z I N G. And everyone who works there is hot. I think it's a prerequisite to getting a job there.

The first morning was our day to ourselves where we got lattes, walked up 5th Avenue all the way from Chelsea to FAO Schwartz, got the kids their presents, hit the NBA store for Gunnar, shopped and walked a ton.

We hit Grand Central Station for lunch at Cipriani Dolci. Awesome. Delicious. We refueled and the walked and shopped some more.

I am so jealous of anyone who gets to photograph in New York City. The backdrops and textures are everywhere! I would never be at a loss of where to photograph if I lived there.

We stopped at this amazing vintage shop. I have never seen so much selection in my life!

That evening we met up with our very good friends, Dave and Rachel at Convivio, for a fantastic dinner. I HIGHLY recommend this place, then went to see Wicked. Amazing. I'm using that word a lot huh?

Well, it was amazing. That's why I'm saying that so much! I don't have photos other than on my iphone from this night, but I have pics from the rest of our trip that I will do in a separate post.