International Festival

By the way, it's only been a day of real summer and I'm tired. My kids didn't get the memo that they could sleep in. And then I came downstairs and fortunately all of them had foraged and had a Zone Bar for breakfast, and I discovered their masterpiece on the back porch where they were coloring in every single brick with chalk. Every. Single. Brick. Just then two guys showed up to rip up half of our backyard. All this while I'm trying to figure out what to do with the kids covered in chalk, and I'm still in my pajamas. Then I have my pregnant sister come over for a facial and poor thing, not feeling good today. Fed kids lunch. Then I escaped for an entire hour while my mom babysit just so I could be tortured during pilates because she upped all my weights since I'm "advanced" now. Great. Came home just in time to get the kids ready for swim lessons. Took them to swim lessons and I had to make sure all 3 of them were in 3 separate areas for testing, not easy. Once they all got tested and were put in their classes I get to walk back and forth letting them all know that I am watching how great they are doing. Then bundle them up with towels, give them all high 5's, hear all about their teachers names and what they did, drive up to my moms. The kids then hop into her jacuzzi for some more swim time while I spent an entire hour picking blueberries off my mom's plants. I filled humongous bags with blueberries, there was an insane amount to pick. Had family dinner up there. Came home, put kids to sleep and now am meeting various craigslisters who want to pick up the grasscrete blocks that were just dug up today. I had to actually take them off of craigslist 10 minutes after I listed them because of all the emails I was getting. People like free stuff. Especially when the free stuff is expensive. But these people need to realize each block is 60-80 pounds, so your Prius is not going to hold very many. See. Tired.

Back to the festival, in May our school puts on an International Festival on a Saturday. This goes hand in hand with the Parade of Nations that the kids dressed up for and walked around the track debuting their costumes. The International Festival is where each class puts on their booth of their assigned country and each booth has games or food, there's rides and music. It's lots of fun. Anyways, I am super sorry for this being so old, but I need to post it otherwise it never gets in my blog book.