i got nothing set up in the queue for tomorrow's post and i can't see that happening this evening. it has been the launch of summer for us and it has been the most kid activity filled weekend that we've ever had. or one that i haven't blocked from my memory maybe.

friday was sawyer's kindergarten culmination. i was a bit emotional with the last song. it was frank sinatra's "start spreading the news" but instead of the usual lines it was "we're leaving todayyyyyy, we're gonna be a part of it, FIRST GRADE! FIRST GRADE!" That one got me for sure. But I held it together. That afternoon was Greta's dress rehearsal for her tap recital. Her first big recital I might add. When she was 2 years old, her ballet class had a little mini recital in a large room, but this time it was on a stage in a huge school auditorium. We're talking lipstick, blush, costume, the whole nine yards. She did the rehearsal and again I was a bit emotional.

saturday was sawyer's final class party with his kindergarten teacher and class. 3 hours of fun in a family's backyard with pizza and a humongous bouncer. saturday night was family movie night. aaron and i never saw Where the Wild Things Are so that's what we chose. the boys had already seen it with my dad in the theater. what a powerful movie. kinda sad and depressing, which is what i had heard, and it is true. but wow, very moving. greta was a bit scared during some parts so she would come in and out of the room often. but it opened up some conversations about loneliness, anger, tempers, etc. which was very good to talk about. what a sad movie. but i have to say, it was good.

sunday. today was greta's real recital. and let me tell you, she got on that stage, her class is the littlest and youngest bunch, and they marched out in front of hundreds of people, and did her routine. my sister and i cried during the very first dance where we didn't know a single kid! but seriously, the little ones, stole my heart. and that my friend, is the reason i had a daughter. i'm serious. it was beyond any cuteness i have ever seen in all my life. i did feel a tad like jon benet ramsey's mother, but i got over that fact. the tights, the sparkles, the bow, the curls, the tap shoes. i know what my mom missed out on with me. sorry mom. i walked out of my first ballet class and never returned. greta however, won't be giving this up for a long while. and then wait! there's more. this afternoon we went to our little friend's preschool graduation party at a nature center in burbank. such a great place where the kids held tarantulas and pet snakes and then went on a nature hike. needless to say, i am falling asleep as i type this. . . .

pics of all these things to come. promise. but it may take me awhile to recover.