summer is a creepin'

up on us! I can't wait. Last summer I could feel the tinges of joy for summer. I wasn't exasperated or overwhelmed. I wasn't counting down the days until school started. The kids actually changed their sleeping patterns a little and slept in. We did lots but not too much. So I'm super excited about THIS summer because they are all a year older.

However. And that's a big however. Summer is TWELVE weeks long. That's right. It's going to be a really long summer. We have our summer planned out pretty well. The boys are going to camp for 5 weeks at the local park. Greta is going to her preschool camp for just a few weeks. Then we have swim lessons daily for 4 weeks. Vacation for 1 whole week. Camping for 1 weekend. And kids' parties every single Saturday that we are in town. Needless to say the kids are pretty stoked.

Somehow I have to figure out how to work in there sometime. But I've been pretty busy booking photo shoots that usually happen when Aaron gets home, and then I will just schedule normal work around our schedule. In anticipation of summer we have started to do some fun summery activities.


Homemade popsicles. Daily. I try and change it up often. Some days we have smoothie type pops, and then others, we have slushie type pops. This particular day it was a watermelon cherry slush pop.



We haven't had the best luck with gardening in the past. But our indoor terrariums are still thriving. We decided our backyard needed some help. It's often neglected so we decided to spend an afternoon planting. We are the proud new owners of blueberries, carrots, brussel sprouts, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, rosemary, cilantro, mint, lavender, and some potted flowers.

This is what it looked like about 30 minutes into our afternoon. messy messy messy.

Sawyer picked these flowers out himself, and he's in charge of them.

They learned teamwork.

Gunnar was in charge of the carrot seeds.

We found this little guy and kept it hostage for a few hours.

And after our yard looked like this. Yay! In the foreground is the tomato. Lavender on the left and up against the wall is our mint, rosemary and cilantro.

This is our tomato plant.

Our blueberry bush. Loving this!

I don't know what this is, but it's beautiful and will attract butterflies.

Here's our romaine lettuce and carrot box.

And after a long day gardening, we had to play a little.

I know the majority of these will not survive. But my goal is to learn a little bit more about gardening so that one day we can get serious about it. There's a whole section in the yard just waiting for some gardening love if we can figure it out.