just words

no photos. just words. a wordful wednesday almost night.

can't look at another photo right now. just finished editing my last session for a few days. these little girls, beyond words for cute and adorable. excited to share 2 shoots with all of you next week.

ready for slower days and a slower pace to start. considering a no wii/screen policy for certain days of the week. i think we need to reconnect with the kids a bit. tired of the sassy mouth a bit. one of the drawbacks of the kids being in school.

found out my committee position for greta's new preschool in the fall. recycling. kind of happy i didn't get stuck with fundraising or the annual camping trip organization. this school is going to be quite a bit of work, but i don't think i'll mind. it's her last year of preschool and i want to be there as much as they let me. so if that means weekly recycling pickups then that's what i'll do.

had friends over to watch the game sunday night. and took advantage of my friend peter's gardening knowledge. it looks like this family is going to take on a new task this summer. composting. it's been nagging at the back of my mind for some time now. there's no reason we can't compost. and it would cut down on our trash waste significantly. that and the fact that we had a major gardening weekend in our backyard. and composting will bring me one step closer to a vegetable garden dream i've had for awhile. don't worry. it's a slow process. we will have to compost for about a year to get it at the right stage to nourish the vegetable garden. which will give me a year to actually get our backyard in shape for one. we've been putting off some backyard work for a long time. it's time.

sawyer's kindergarten culmination is friday. so sad he's going to first grade. he had 2 back to back field trips this week. the class went to the local fire station.  and then today they went to Louise's, a local Italian restaurant. they made their own pizzas and ate lunch there.

prayers and hugs going out to my friend jane. we love you and david. can't stop thinking about your family right now during their time of grief.