Bowl Bowl Bowl

My family is just large enough that they are a party all by themselves. Between aunts, uncles, and cousins, we are our own celebration. So this year we celebrated our anniversary with my family one weekend and with our friends another. I warned you, we like to drag out these things for as loooonnnngggg as humanly possible. But come on, it was TEN years!

My sister and these lovely ladies rented out Montrose Bowl and let me tell you. Amazing. We had a blast. My mom got the cutest party favors, bowling t shirts and I had so much fun putting little labels on them. The whole night was everything Aaron and I had envisioned and hoped for, AND THEN SOME.

(all photos are from Mike or Elliott/Amanda-thanks for taking all of these!)

It took awhile to get everyone on board to our whole bowling party idea with pizza and ice cream sandwiches. We figured the whole cocktail party was a little predictable, so we had to change things up a bit. Even if we were teased for being white trash in our old age. But in the end everyone was won over and it rocked.

The ladies surprised us with a book at the end. Everyone at the party sent them photos/memories they have of us with them. And then they put it together into a photo book. It was so special and sweet to get to read and I have gone back dozens of times already looking through the pages.

My mom is not a bowler. But this night we gave her her own lane, she just bowled and bowled and bowled. We were dying, it was the funniest thing to watch how into it she was.

Aaron picked up this vintage bowling shirt that says Pancho on the front. He found it at a vintage thrift shop in Vegas. Can you get more authentic than that???

It was such a special night that I even had my nails painted for the first time since my wedding! Anyone who knows me well knows my fingernails are NEVER painted. What's the point, with my job it lasts all of one facial. But I have to say, it was kinda fun. I'll have to share the rest of the polaroids from this evening as well.