Gunnar's present was the Clipper's suite from his auction, and this was Sawyer's. Our auction has a category where parents organize and pay for a party and then other parents can bid on a spot for their kids to attend and then all the money goes to the school. I tried to bid on this last year and it filled up too fast. So this year, it was my first bid for the night. A family organized a tour and dinner with the whole fire house last month. It was fantastic. The firefighters were awesome! Sawyer and I got to go and have a mexican feast with a few other kids who won spots as well. They even toured us of their sleeping quarters, and handball court. Best part of the night, they took us on a ride in the fire truck throughout the neighborhood. Bonus, they got 2 calls while we were there so the kids got to see some of them suit up and head out. Very cool. Needless to say, Sawyer was in awe the entire night.

Seriously, look at that smile. The. Best. It was wonderful to get to do something like this just he and I. So special to have little adventures just one on one with them sometimes.