happenings. . .

*Thanks everyone for all your anniversary well wishes through comments, email, texts, fb messages, voicemails. We love it!*

Some recent conversations and events:

I was talking to a friend on the phone about a little boy in Greta's preschool. Greta walks in the room and I ask, "Greta, what language does he speak?"

Greta: He speaks what I speak.

Me: And what's that?

Greta: (looking at me a little sympathetic and baffled at why I would be asking her this) I speak American White.

Me: (as I die laughing) Oh, you speak English.

Greta: Oh, American White is English. And my friend Alissa speaks Korea.

Too cute the conversations we have.

The kids have been learning a lot about other countries and cultures as their International Festival is approaching at school. Each class is assigned a country and we learn about the culture, food, music, art, games, etc from that country. And then we have a huge festival celebrating all the countries. So countries are definitely on their mind.

Earlier tonight:

Sawyer: Mama, can I just call China Korea?

Me: No. China and Korea are two different countries.

Sawyer: But they're near each other.

Me: Yeah, I guess. But no, you can't call them both the same names, there's no ChinaKorea country.

Same Day:

Greta: When you go to Yew Nork can you bring me a present?

Me: Huh?

Greta: Yew Nork. Can you get me a present like when you went to Los Begas?

Me: Ahhh, New York.

Greta: Yeah, Yew Nork.

Me: Yes, I will get you a present.

The kiddies made us a bunch of goodies for our anniversary. We received a placemat and painted cup and saucer with a plant inside from Greta. Sawyer made us a card and homemade stationary. And Gunnar drew us a beautiful card and picture and made us little iphone/ipod holders out of paper. So sweet those kids are.

Aaron made me wait all day and all night before he acknowledged our anniversary. He said Happy Anniversary as he rolled over to give me a hug before he got out of bed this morning. But then that was it. We had agreed on no gifts since we are celebrating our anniversary later this month with a vacation. But I thought, maybe a card, a flower? I went totally against our deal and bought him a beautiful tie bar that Greta and I picked out at Nordstrom and 2 vintage ties from my shopping excursion on Melrose. So tonight as the kids are getting their pajamas on, he brings in a beautiful arrangement of tulips and daisies, my favorite See's candies and a card. That boy, always messing with my head. But I was very proud of him for not being extravagant. Present shopping is really hard for him. He stresses and then overshops and overspends. And seriously, flowers and chocolate, the best. Not to mention, I did just get the most awesome vacuum of all time. We upgraded last month to the Miele Pisces. She's beautiful. You can come take her for a spin if you're nice.

We are heading to my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles tomorrow night. Going to take the kids with my mom to see the new Babies movie. Not sure who is more excited, me or the kids. I get a haircut on Saturday which is oh so needed and joyous because that means SOMEONE ELSE gets to blowdry my hair for me, and Sunday night bowling with friends like we've never bowled before. . .

Some really cute stuff I've seen around the web lately. . .

definitely on my etsy favorite list at the moment

cute patches. may need to watch a patch sewing tutorial soon.

kind of wishing I could pull these boombox earrings off.

Happy Thursday night and Friday and weekend to all of you. Ours will no doubt be memorable!