a decade

we've been together a decade. well, more than that if you count the 2 years before we were married. we're over the hump, it's smooth sailing, we've made it! okay, not really. but these years have us so attune to each other, so comfortable and at ease in a good way. the kind of tuning where i walk into the room and immediately you know something is not quite right. the sadness you pretend to have when i explain the dry cleaners have ruined my dress. the attempts you make at trying to make me feel better and not once do you dare go into the "it's just a dress" waters. you know me. you know me better than anyone.

well, sort of. you still get my drink wrong at coffee bean. you still get a blank look when an office clerk asks for my birthday. you still overspend on presents for me. but that's a pretty short list when you consider a whole decade.

You know my perfect morning consists of oversleeping and a homemade latte. You know that my emotions are usually not visible at the very moment someone else would expect to see them. You know that my feet get cold at night and yet I refuse to sleep with socks. You know I hate starting something and not finishing it. You know your closet gives me a mild heart attack every time I walk by it.

You know I am not a very good cook, yet you love me anyways. You know that jeans and a t shirt is my ensemble of choice, almost any time I can get away with it. You know I stay up for many hours after you go to bed and yet you don't get mad. You know what to say at just the right time to calm me down or fire me up. You are the perfect balance for me. You know when I am wrong and you tell me that I am. You hug me just right.

Thank you for giving me this. . .

and this. . .

Happy 10 babe. I love you. But you already knew that.

Sorry for the Deborah and Aaron gush post and photo overload. Just be glad I only posted these photos, there's more! I still have one more post of photos from our shoot with Wendy, and those are of all 5 of us.