I think indulgences for each person vary drastically. For me one day it could mean a candlelit bath with a book. Other days it could mean sitting down to lunch. Another day a pedicure, maybe a movie. The list goes on. But my most favorite guilty pleasure would have to be spending the entire day in my pajamas and reading. It happens about once a year and sadly(secretly happy) I admit that I had that guilty pleasure on Saturday. It started Friday when I began to read The Hunger Games. My taste in literature varies big time. I enjoy lots of books from non fiction to science fiction to thrillers to mysteries to memoirs. This book had me riveted.

I started it Friday morning since Greta doesn't have school so we usually hang out in the mornings and do laundry and house chores. This particular morning I skipped the house chores let her watch some Dora reruns and began my book. Throughout the day I was bummed to put it down but tap class and school pickup and lunch and dinner were all more important. Finally after dinner I picked up my book again and didn't put it down until I was done. I seriously couldn't put it down. I crawled in bed a little after 2am, and then of course my dreams were vivid from book one leaving me hanging. It's a futuristic novel about survival but there's romance. It's intense don't get me wrong, even violent, but not gory. But I was biting my nails as I read it. Not wanting my eyes to read too quickly because the suspense was oh so good. That's a good read to me. An excellent one.

I awoke at 7am Saturday morning and was surprised that although I was exhausted I couldn't wait to run down to my bookshelf in the kitchen and pull out the sequel. And this is the day of that guilty pleasure. Aaron had to work, Gunnar was with Uncle Carl, and the kids were pretty entertained between painting, drawing, snacking, television, dress up, you name it. And I let them pull whatever they wanted out of every closet because I had to finish this book. And so I stayed in my pajamas the entire day, I showered and got into a new pair of pajamas. And within 12 hours I had finished. Of course I am STILL hanging because the third and final book doesn't come out til summer time.

But there, I admit I succumbed to my guilty pleasure, and who knows, maybe this year I will get another day of this guilty pleasure when book 3 comes out. . .