lookey lookey what have we here. . .

Hmmmm. . . . guess what I came home to from vacation????

SEE! There's positive things that come from posting your likes and loves on a blog!! I think ultimately my mom was so excited that I liked a piece of jewelry, even if it was just a watch, that she couldn't resist getting me a present. She loves me. What can i say. And for everyone that thinks I'm hard to shop for? People. I post what i like on my blog. with a picture. and a link. only thing easier would be writing me a check. but in all seriousness, i would've purchased this for myself regardless. it's fantastic! thanks mama.

And yes, I am very aware that my forehead will be in need of botox one day. And yes, that is a picture of me with no makeup on, right after a facial. And why yes, I am looking a little tan because I just got SPRAY TANNED by my sister! Seriously people, best invention ever. Maybe a better invention is having a sister who does it as part of her business. Double yes.