back back back

Aaron and I spent 4 days and nights in New York, and we returned back home yesterday afternoon. It was in celebration of our 10 year anniversary. Sorry the tip of the building is cut off, but Aaron did a pretty good job overall. Mostly I have building pics, and ones of Aaron alone, me alone, but that's what happened when you spend a lot of time just with the two of us. It was fantastic. Fun. Fun. Fun. More details to follow. But I haven't gone through our photos yet. We walked, we shopped, we dined, we slept, we drank, we partied.

See my lovely burn dressing in the photo above? Big, huh? I have some photos to share of my burn phases, but don't want to gross anyone out without fair warning that it's coming. So we're back, trying to get back in a normal routine of what it's like to have little people to care for once again. My parents and Jessica and Carl were awesome for the kids. They did great without us, and I think they could've been more excited to see us than our actual kids were. All in all, so happy to be home. So happy to have been gone. So happy. So happy.