almost time to bite the bullet & DWTS

random title, huh? well i should probably do 2 separate posts, but it kind of irritates me when the blogs I read have 3 posts in 1 day, why not just make 1 post?

firstly, if i like something i try and make sure i like it for several months before i buy it. well, we're talking purchases that are not frivolous or involve an afternoon at target or old navy. things that would stay in my home or closet for a long time. like rock band, going on 2 months that i kind of still want one, but haven't bit the bullet because i cannot imagine what minutes there are in any day to play this game. i have a hard enough time getting enough minutes of sleep in, let alone a video game. other things i try and follow this guideline are expensive shoes and handbags. large items for the house. you get my drift.

well, it's almost time for this watch. i have a gorgeous watch that aaron gave me 5 years ago for our anniversary, and it's my sole watch. needless to say, when the battery went dead for the first time in 5 years like it did last month, i have no clue what time it is until i search through my bag and find my phone. i have been eyeing this watch for about 3 months now. i like the big size, almost mens size, the gold color, which is opposite my other watch. to my mother and sister's dismay i'm not a jewelry person. not at all. i'm lucky if i get out the door and remember to put studs in my ears and half the time i am not even wearing my wedding band. true story. a few weeks will go by and then i frantically search for my engagement ring. i always find it, relax. but i just rarely wear it. so it's kind of exciting that a piece of jewelry, or maybe this is considered just an accessory, has caught my eye.  yeah, it's almost time. . .

and secondly, Dancing With the Stars. Last night I got to go to a taping of it with a friend. Well, a taping for west coast, it's live for east coast. It was the first time I have been to something like that. Pretty amazing. I have lots of juicy details.

We got VIP seats which means we didn't have to wait hours in line like the people who sit in the balconies do. We walk through a back entrance and right into the stage area. It's not as big as you would think. I could see every single face in the whole room. If your seats are on the floor you can mill around before the show starts. As the crowd was getting warmed up by a crowd warmer upper person a lady came up to me and my friend and asked if we could please move a few rows down. RIGHT BEHIND THE JUDGES. Oh, and YOU WILL BE ON CAMERA THE WHOLE NIGHT SO NO GUM CHEWING AND PLEASE CLAP AND SMILE. Sure! No problem!

The show was wonderful. There was a row of girls who were dying over Max and he was indulging them by blowing kisses and winking from the side stage. I immediately noticed Jake from the Bachelor and Vienna. BLUHHH! Can't stand her. For half the show she looked bored out of her mind, yawning, fixing her lip gloss. And I noticed they didn't hold hands or talk. He was too busy chatting with Kate Gosselin who was next to him. She looked really good, and seemed to be making a list during part of the show. The last half Jake and Vienna held hands and were more affectionate. Rick Fox was yummy looking, and he was sitting next to Kareem Abdul Jabar. Donny Osmond was there and I've never seen so many middle aged women crooning over someone. David Charvet, Brooke Burke's hubby was there. She was beautiful. Very easy going. But the girl judge, Carrie Ann, got primped and sprayed and fixed EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL BREAK. And for you Project Runway fans, remember Mila? She was the wardrobe person for the judges! I think I was the only person who knew who she was. Each commercial break she would come out with her lint brush and adjust them.

There's my juicy details from the show. Oh, and thirdly, my burn is second degree possibly third. :( Aaron told me last night, "too bad, you used to have beautiful legs." Thanks babe.