What happens in Vegas. . . part 1

Before we get to the road trip. Can i just say that i am so sick of medical emergencies. Seriously, i think we have had MORE than our fair share for several years in the last few months. I'm not talking coughs and colds. It seems like we never get those anymore. The kids are pretty well almost all the time. And fortunately for me, I have noticed since I started regularly exercising that if the kids DO catch something, I skate on by unscathed. I'm talking about major things like ER visits, broken bones, eyeball issues, stuff like that. Saturday night Aaron and I settled in to watch a movie on Apple TV, we even opened a bottle of champagne, had our favorite snacks to dine on, kids asleep. About 5 minutes into the movie Aaron brought over some hot tea and he went back to the kitchen. I decide to pick up that mug of tea and rest it on my right thigh. Unfortunately maybe the champagne had my balance a little off, and instead I missed my right thigh and rested it on my inner right thigh thus spilling the entire mug of scalding hot tea all over my left thigh. I scream. I jump up, cannot even tell you what I did with the empty mug, ran a few feet into the dining room, still processing the pain and events that just happened, and then rip my sweatpants off. Aaron then realizes what has happened and ushers me into the bathroom. Without looking I get in the shower and after a few minutes I think I'll be okay. Then I get out of the shower, and the pain begins. I stood in the hallway, crouched in a standing fetal position, writhing in pain.

I can honestly say that I have never felt that kind of fire. Next to natural childbirth with an almost 9 pound child, it was the most painful experience I've ever been through. And, unlike childbirth, where between the excruciating pain you have moments of calm and peace before the next wave hits, this never lets up. There is no less intense moments. The only thing that would dull it a smidge was ice packs. Which, when my brother in law came over he recommended against it. Thus, the tears and sobs until my sister couldn't stand it anymore and put my ice packs back on my thigh. ahhhhhhh, thank you sister.

for about 7 hours i had to concentrate just to breath. forget about actually answering a question. i couldn't comprehend, and the fact that i was in my panties sitting on my couch and not caring who walked through the door can tell you the pain level. Sometime around 3am I was dozing and realized that my  1am ice pack was now warm and my thigh was no longer on fire. Finally. I woke sometime after 9am and finally took the brave move to look at the damage. Not pretty. I think I am scarred for life. I have about a hamburger bun size burn that is mocha pink brown with the lower rim covered in blisters. And then about 2 inches above that I have about a half dollar size burn with a few blisters on that. It's been wrapped and taped and fortunately no more pain. I just have to be super careful about keeping it clean and not touching the blisters.

I now can only imagine the pain real burn victims go through. And I understand why they have to be induced in comas because of the pain alone. Mine I'm sure was very minor compared to what people go through. And I'm sure I will have this scar from this point forward. But it could've been much worse. And I realize I'm dumb. I'm accident prone. And I need to use my brain more. There. I said it.

Now. Road trip.

first stop on any road trip . . . In n Out. It helped break up having to listen to my brother in law's awful taste in music. Just think Color Me Bad followed by En Vogue. For 5 hours.

I knew if we didn't stop here first thing, we never would. FINALLY we made it to the Vegas sign. Little dream of mine fulfilled. Check!

Yes, that would be Elvis in the background. Kind of steep however, one photo will cost you $10!

We stayed at Trump's Hotel this time and was very impressed. No casino so less smoke and less weaving through slot machines and tables to get to where we want to go. Beautiful rooms.

Bouchon. Awesome French cuisine. For all those who may have received some text msg photos, it was from this place. And I had nothing to do with it.

The next day was the real reason we went to Vegas. It was the annual esthetician conference that my sister and I attend. It was great, everything we needed and then some.

Oh, and if you are in need of an awesome spray tan, call me. Don't want to leave your house? No problem. I will hook you up with her. Her name is Jessica. ;) I tried it out at the show myself and for someone who hasn't seen the sun in 10 years except for underneath a huge hat and sun umbrella, well, I looked good! That really healthy glowy tan that I shake my head at as I walk by people since I know they just went to the tanning salon, yeah, that was what I looked like.