i wish for

.... a home where my children want to return to once they're grown.

.... being woken up by the sun and just the sun.

.... my kids being able to understand just how much i love them. and that if there was a more describable word that sums up what i feel for them, i'd have invented it by now.

.... more time in the day when i want it. and less time in the day when i don't.

.... a way to let my kids know that the world we live in doesn't deserve them.

.... a brain that can remember things like taking my vitamin. every. day.

.... one day where i don't have to repeat myself to anyone.

.... a photographic memory just for the sole purpose of remembering how greta's hair looks in the sun.

.... the recycling to walk itself out to the recycling bin.

I know. Tall order. But hey, if I don't dream big, who will? ;)