sewing project- tie onesies

I was scrambling before we left for Minnesota to find presents for Fynn. And since he really doesn't know much about anything right now other than boobs and poop, I wanted to avoid toys. I decided to make his present. I picked up some onesies and cut out ties from felt and then different fabrics and sewed them directly onto the onesie. I got a little carried away with them and made quite a few. So I wrapped up two for a mama in Sawyer's class who is pregnant with her 4th child, and 1st boy. Every boy needs a tie right?

I also tried a DIY wrapping paper that I found online. I took a brown garbage bag and just sewed it on all sides after turning it inside out. You can experiment with fun stitches on this. Decorated the front with some markers and voila! Pretty simple, and pretty good for the environment too. Both mamas were delighted with these onesies and I foresee making more in my future. I just need some more baby boys to make them for!