I seriously have so much to blog it's kind of overwhelming. Since I can't stop staring at these photos, I figured I should post them. This is my new nephew Fynn. I guess I will have a little post about each of my niece and nephews. He's 8 weeks old, and I love him to pieces. The smiles, oh the smiles. I even think he giggled. I do believe he got to know my voice by the end of our trip. He's a cuddler too. I just love the ones of Fynn and his mama. Leyla, I will have to send you a link for the rest, as soon as I can sit down for more than a few minutes at a time. I will do a separate post of Fynn and his big brother Silas. We did an impromptu mini shoot one afternoon, the lighting was right, their sweaters were matching, and they were cooperative, those are the makings of a photo shoot if I do say so myself.