-growing my garage sale stash in the garage. itching for another one come summertime.

-purple toenails.

-gunnar gets his expander tomorrow. yes, we are in phase one of orthodontics. $$$$$

-filling forms out for greta's new preschool. sadly we won't be returning in the fall to her current one. but excited to be starting this one. pure chance that we got a spot. but change is always hard.

-officially recovered from vegas. pics to follow. realized that i'm officially old around 12:30am sunday morning.

-parent/teacher conferences were this week, couldn't be prouder of my boys. they're both doing fantastic.

-gunnar had his first trumpet recital tuesday night. oh how my heart was swollen that night.

-saw Back Up Plan. Eh. Don't waste your $12.50. however it does have the funniest birth scene I have ever watched.

-discovered sawyer is allergic to shrimp. take note, introduce your kids to shellfish when at home with benadryll nearby. he had one bite of shrimp at a restaurant this evening. i really thought he had tried it before, but calamari doesn't have shrimp in it apparently, which i don't know because i don't even like calamari. he immediately started crying and threw up for several minutes, and then his lips were swollen and looked like pamela anderson/angelina jolie. it all makes sense now since he is also allergic to penicillin, so i believe iodine is the problem.

-tomorrow is friday. but you know that.

-nighty night.