we done lots

The last few weeks we've been quite busy. That is in between our doctor and hospital visits for broken bones and corneal abrasions. Finally I am getting around to posting some fun stuff we did when Uncle Zeb was in town. First stop. The beach. I have to say, it was the most perfect weather day we have had all year. Perfect. However, I expected it to not be perfect, so I brought no bathing suits. Oops. Well, my kids fixed that problem pretty quickly. They are not shy about nudity that's for sure. Last week's Wordless Wednesday post with them in their skivvies is from this beach trip. We headed down to the tidepools in Laguna Beach to meet Jane and Alissa for the kids' Spring Break Friday. First stop Johnny Rockets. Oh, and Jane, how do I not have a single photo of you except for the far away one of the beach?? Probably because you took most of these.

Zeb then proceeded to fall inlove with Orange County and Laguna Beach. How can you not? He also proceeded to learn a very valuable lesson in sunblock application. Ouch. Big Time.

I'm pretty good about not being paranoid and letting the kids explore and have fun(psssstt-someone has to be calm with Jane around). however, when Sawyer got up to the top of these rocks I never ran across coral and rocks with a twisted ankle so fast in my life. on the other side of this was just a sheer cliff into the water. I decided to stay and hang out with him up there until he was ready to come down.

LOVE the water reflecting off Sawyer's face in the next one.