Promise to post more from our family shoot soon. I die every time I look through them. They make me so happy. Just thinking that this is my little family and how it's been captured so well. You'll see how well our personalities are reflected in the pictures.

on to shopping. . .

Some stuff I am loving on the web right now. . .

This is my new iphone case, and i LOVE it, even though aaron doesn't. I get compliments on it everywhere I go.

This dress, so adorable. Crushing on it right now.

I would probably have gotten this, except for the price. I don't get why it's so much more than their other necklaces.

This brooch definitely on my favorite list from Etsy. Need to let a few paypal things clear first. . . ;)

How beautiful would this be with just a simple white t shirt and jeans?

This dress, so adorable.

This video is adorable, love the song, everything about it. This one is from volume 1 She & Him.


And this volume 2 album is on my wish list. Would love it in vinyl.

One of my favorites from this album.


And this one too.