baby names

Thought this article was interesting. The top 100 names of 2010 so far for boys and one for girls. I was surprised by some. Like Seraphina? Really that popular already? Come on people, you name them after Jennifer Garner's kid for reals? I was also surprised to see Finn as number 2, I've heard it recently, and my little nephew is named that, but I didn't know it was that popular. The unusual name list was pretty cool, I liked some of them, Holland, Elodie, but I don't know about Remember. . .

I was surprised to see so many of the names I considered when I was pregnant with Sawyer on the list. We considered Maeve, Piper, and Mae. They're all on the list. I guess you could say I'm ahead of the game by a few years. Okay, not really, but I never thought those names would end up being popular! Baby naming is important business. I took it quite seriously. I still could see Sawyer with our backup boy's name of Gray.