....how last week kinda sucked. oops, aaron doesn't like when i use that word. okay, remember last week how it kinda was horrifically horrendous? well, this week was not much better.

sometimes being a room parent at a school where the parents are all pretty much opinionated and active can have it's downfalls. coordinating stuff can be exhausting. for instance monday, 4 hours people. of emailing and calling parents. but me and the principal, i kinda think she even knows my name now. i love how a lot of parents think that because i don't have a full time job, i should welcome all the room parent stuff. but i have it times 2, both boys. it's exhausting to say the least.

fast forward to tuesday, oh wait, that's just the day after monday. not much of a fast forward. sawyer had some eye drama. he had something in his eye and decided to rub the crap out of it. yeah, guess where we spent our tuesday afternoon. ucla's er department. i have to say it's super high tech and awesome. but i would rather have been in my bathtub. or in the car. or waiting in line at the dmv. he has a corneal abrasion. i won't go into details for you squimish ones. but i about puked several times from the moment i looked in his eye til the doctor diagnosed it. i can handle blood, stitches, surgery, broken bones, you name it. but bubbling eyeballs and membrane tearing, not so good. oops, i just went into detail didn't i?

let's fast forward, oh wait, let's just go to the very next day. wednesday. my beloved miele solaris vacuum of 8 years dies. mid vacuum. just dies. turns off and won't come on again. i would give up my refrigerator before i give up my vacuum. i even may give up my blow dryer for my vacuum. maybe. we are literally attached at the hip. i vacuum a minimum of 3 times a day, every day. yes, 3 times, after 3 meals. and occasionally throw in a few snacks or spills of beads, pebbles, glass, i could vacuum up to 6 times a day. i am having heart palpitations just thinking about getting to know another vacuum. i am a vacuum snob. i am. i am not going to deny that. i can't do kirby or dyson. i can't even do a standing vac at all. i must have a canister vacuum. so my search begins tomorrow. which kind of sucks because i won't spare expense on a vacuum, and they kind of are expensive. really expensive. like think of your car payment and combine it with your monthly car insurance and that's what i pay for a vacuum. that is unless you drive a cheap car. and then my vacuum is MORE than that. horrific, i told you.

but alas, thursday to the rescue. so far, no calamities or injuries, although the day is still young. we have a new vacuum, greta had a performance in school today and she actually got on stage and did it, i am getting stuff done, and it finally feels like we may be getting back to normal. thank goodness because i was going to go do something drastic.