We had a great time during our short jaunt to Carlsbad a few weekends ago. I have said this before, and I'll say it again. I love weekends away. I love that it's not so far, I love that you don't have to fly to get there, and I love that there are so many options of places to visit in Southern California.

The kids swam and had a blast. Everyone who knows me knows I am a planner. I don't do spontaneity unless it has to do with 3 children sleeping, a willing husband, and a movie that happens to be starting in 10 minutes. Then I can do spontaneous. For this trip we went back and forth on just doing a day trip or making a weekend out of it. On Wednesday we booked the hotel. That's spontaneous for me. 3 days before! It was great. The kids were basically changing into their swimsuits as I was being given our room key.

The purpose for our weekend away will be revealed soon. Can't wait to share!

Can you believe this next one is Greta? She can swim that far! It's kind of a half drown half swim. But she loves it.