Let's just say the weekend has been much better than the week. I was pretty confident this would be the case, because I don't think MORE could go wrong. Honestly, one of the most stressful weeks I've had in awhile. Needless to say, it's turned out lovely so far. I still have several dozen photos to post from the last few weeks, but in all honesty I want to crawl in bed and sleep. We went with a big group down to Tanaka Farms this afternoon for some farm touring and strawberry picking. We've gone several times in the past and each time it's such a treat. It's an all organic farm and you taste a ton of produce they pull right from the ground. And then they send you off with your basket for strawberries. Here's my post from the last time we went, I can't believe how little the kids were. Wait til you see the pics from this time, they're all KIDS, no longer babies!