sunday mornings

Sunday mornings are a bit lazy. Especially lazy for me. Unless Aaron is on call, which happened this last Sunday, I get to sleep. Usually around 8:30 I get up, I know spoiled. And if you are reading 8:30 and think what? that's sleeping in? Then you must not have little people in your house. Because little people do not know weekends. They get up the same time every day. Occasionally Aaron and I will roll over on a Saturday or Sunday morning and are shocked that it's 7:43am and no one has woken up yet. But those are far and few between. Anyways, back to sleeping in. Glorious glorious sleep. My children think sleeping is my favorite thing to do, and they may be right. They don't realize that I go to sleep 4 hours after they do. But sleep is oh so wonderful. One of the kids brought my iphone up with them when they came to wake me up one Sunday. I love when all my kiddies climb in bed with me. Not at 2am, but on a lazy Sunday morning. Absolutely.