Skin Question- Large Pores, Combination Skin

Okay, Celina, sorry to take this long to answer your question from the last post.

What can minimize large pores?

This is something that clients ask me all the time. Usually large pores are accompanied by oily skin. So you will find larger pores around your nose area, cheeks, forehead. Large pores can happen because a number of reasons. Genetics, for one. Another cause for large pores that most people don't think of is blackheads. The longer a blackhead sits in the pore, the larger it gets, thus stretching that pore. So regular facials are really important to keep your skin clean and get the extractions you need. Once a pore is stretched it is very very very hard to shrink it. In fact, I never tell people that their pores can shrink. They can appear smaller once the blackhead is extracted, but they will never close and be the small pores we wish they would become. If you keep up with regular facials and exfoliate regularly at home, that will help keep your skin refined and even. A few other causes for large pores are sun damage, smoking, makeup, hormones, skin dehydration.

Vitamin A is believed to be a great treater of large pores. It helps with cell turnover and unclogging of pores. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin. Get regular facials, usually every 4-6 weeks is ideal unless you have acne, then you probably need to make your appointments every 2-4 weeks. Wear sunscreen, cleanse twice daily, moisturize and exfoliate.

There you go. I think the next question will be about alpha hydroxy acids. Why do we need them? How often? And at what age should we start using them?