TGIF. You have no idea how happy I am that the weekend is here. Finally. It has been one of the longest weeks. Possibly it has to do with Greta crawling in my bed every single night for the last 6 nights. Every. Night. I have no clue when and how she does it, but next thing I know it's 2am and I have a cold heel in my back. I have little canker sores popping up in my mouth to attest to my exhaustion.

Friday was great, and I started out feeling like a good mom and then felt like a sucky mom and then back to a good mom. I thought it would be exciting to pick up the kids right before lunch time at school and brought them hot out of the oven pizza and then drove them down to Disneyland. This is where the sucky mom part begins. We hit ugly traffic, and a normally 45 minute commute was an hour and 10 minutes. The kids have begun to slowly unwind my brain and then smash it to pieces by doing the following: it begins with asking how long the car ride will be. My answer usually is what I normally expect. Traffic slows and the time comes and passes that I anticipated we would be there. Then they ask how many minutes we have left. I stupidly answer 5 minutes. So now what do they do? The proceed to count to 60 FIVE times. Heaven forbid I say 10 minutes! Then I get 60 times 10! Literally, I am not joking. This is what I hear, "one mississippi, two mississippi. . .fifty two mississippi, fifty three mississippi. . .60 mississippi, one mississippi". It is maddening.

We arrive at Disneyland and of course everyone is busting at the seams to use the potty. Three small children and public bathrooms are a nightmare. Especially when the 3 year old refuses to sit on a public toilet with automatic flushing. Refuses. I mean she will scream her head off, jump off and close her legs for hours to prevent ever being in the near vicinity of an automatic flushing toilet. We were quite a spectacle. The stall door is open, I am holding her down for dear life while I make Gunnar hold his hand over the sensor and threaten him with murder if he moves his hand a millimeter. No luck, she held it for hours. 7 to be exact. Finally, at the restaurant there was a normal flushing toilet! She was overjoyed. Anyways, you can imagine what I looked like when we walked out of that public restroom in Disneyland. I was ready to trade my children in. Thus Jane's question, "what's wrong? you look tired." Um, yeah. Tired and I am going to choke someone! Slowly my patience level returned to normal and we had a great time.

All I needed to hear on the way home was "mom, that was a fun day" and it was totally worth it.

Now on to the next exhausting part of our weekend. Tomorrow is the boys' school auction/gala. It's oversold, which is awesome, but that means it will be super busy. I am in charge of a category of auction items. A high bidding category with a large goal that I hope we make. So from about 3pm on tomorrow I will be running on adrenaline and will cross my fingers and toes that we make our goal so that my kids won't be in a class of 30 come fall time. Also, so that we can keep our science lab/teacher, computer lab/teacher, librarian, arts program, and throw in a few class reduction teachers. No small feat. But our kids are worth it.

Hope you have a great weekend as well, and maybe you can sleep a little for me.