ice skating

Okay, before we get to ice skating. PIZZA MOZZA! WOW WOW WOW. Fantastic. I get it now. I get how pizza can be THAT GOOD. Only problem, I don't usually eat the quantity that I ate last night. Thus, I was delusional during the night. I was up every hour or hour and a half. With various delusions going on. One time I woke up searching for Greta in my dresser drawers. Another time I woke Aaron up and told him that Greta was over on that table and she was going to hurt herself. He got out of bed, walked over in the dark to the table I pointed at. Looked at the table, and then asked me, this? She's here on this table? Yeah, she's going to fall off and hurt herself! Then he felt around in the dark, crawled back in bed and told me it was the sewing machine. Oops. I can be a crazy sleeper. A few weeks ago I attacked our poor tree in our bedroom. It only had about 2 dozen leaves left, and it was struggling to stay alive. And what do I do? At 4 am I wake up and I am standing in front of the tree, deleafing it. I had stripped about 15 leaves off of the tree and they were surrounding my feet. So sad. Sorry tree. Anyways, if you want to eat so much that you won't sleep that night, go to Pizza Mozza. And please order the white bean bruschetta, the lentils and goat cheese, the Nancy chop salad, the sausage and fennel pizza, and THREE gelato flavors. Mint chip, espresso and chocolate. Yes, this is true. That is what I ate. At one meal.


Yep, ice skating was free too in Orange County. I know, wallow with me. They give you free rentals of skates too. This place had double bladed skates for kids so it makes them a little more sturdy than the regular skates. Unfortunately they only had Sawyer's size in those by the time we made it to the rental booth. So Greta and Gunnar were stuck with hockey skates, but they did surprisingly well. Gunnar has only been ice skating once, years ago. This was Sawyer and Greta's first time. All in all, they loved in. In fact as we were walking to the car Sawyer said, "this was the most fun day of my life." Perfectly matter of fact, just like that. Oh, there's no photos of Aaron. One, I couldn't bring my camera on the ice, I guess it was against the rules, and two, he can't ice skate very well. So he volunteered to be photographer while the rest of us rotated around with all the kids.

That night we dined on fantastic sushi. And then I don't really remember what else happened that night, but I believe there was an argument between Aaron and Jane over meyer lemon tea, some Shin ramen was consumed around the midnight hour, and I slept like crap. The next morning we all met for brunch at The Filling Station in downtown Orange. Awesome food.

Then walked up the street to an adorable little cupcake shop for dessert. Somebody liked her headband, Alissa insisted on wearing it two days in a row.

Can't wait until next time! We miss you already suburbia and suburban friends!