not such exciting things to blog about. since i was sick last week, this week is pretty busy, filled with clients and errands and everything that was supposed to have been done or seen days ago.

good news is i filed our taxes this morning. by myself. for the first time we didn't use an accountant. strange since this is the first year our taxes are a little more complicated. but it wasn't too bad. thank goodness for staying organized with my receipts and spreadsheets throughout the year. it just was a matter of adding and inputing of data. bad news, our refund is not quite as hefty as it was last year. good news, we don't owe anything.

i had a delightful photo shoot yesterday with a 3 year old little girl in santa monica. photos will be posted later this week. kids are the most fun to photograph and the most challenging. definitely worth it though, they crack me up. it was me and her for a good hour and a half. talking and teasing and playing. and after it was done she looked at her mama, pointed to me and said, "what her name?"

let's see. . . i am sick of aaron working. i feel like that's all he is doing right now. He had to work late almost everyday last week. And then worked Friday night and then Saturday morning. We saw him for a little bit Saturday afternoon, but of course that's when I had to work. And then he had to go back to work Saturday night. Sunday was good and busy, but then Monday night he had to work late again. And today. Not good. Really sucky. but i am coping. is my lack of consistent capitalization irritating you yet? sorry. No rhyme or reason to my left pinky finger at the moment.

today was spent pretty much working most of the day and tomorrow will be a mixture of work and volunteering in sawyer's class followed by some more working. see. it's really not that exciting.

partially exciting- boys' new rug came. we are moving the flor pieces out to the garage since those need replacing fairly often with the brutal wear on them. and we can't keep the pieces together in their room since i am too lazy to call and request more stickers. i know. makes no sense. but i'd have to also order like one orange piece and one blue piece, and by the time i got done with that and all the sticker replacements, and shipping, it wasn't much more to buy them a new rug. and i am kind of itching to redo their room a little. they're boys now and not toddlers and i can see us clearing out some of the little kiddie stuff and making their room feel a bit older and fresher, more spacious.

i really am rambling. i should instead be posting some photos of new york, or how about FINISH posting the photos from mammoth? that's a thought. oh well. i'm going to go watch lost now. night.