weekending and instant film

I was really looking forward to this weekend and then at 8:30 this morning my hopes went dashing to the floor. Aaron came in our bedroom and told me that he thought he was only working tomorrow and somehow there was a "miscommunication" and he has to work today AND tomorrow. Oh, and he has 3 people stuck in an elevator right now that he has to go and rescue. nice. So what I thought would be a nice weekend home together, not so much. Shocking that elevator mechanics don't communicate well, huh?

We do still have dinner tonight and he assured me he arranged to get that time covered. Babysitter is booked. We are going with my parents and sister and brother in law to Mario Batali's Pizza Mozza. Aaron and I have never been, and we're pretty excited. I have been told they have the best pizza ever. We'll see. It took several months to get the reservation. You can only call so many weeks before for a reservation. I think it's 30 days. So you can call today only for a reservation 30 days from today. And it fills up within minutes. Crazy, I know. Dining in L.A.

Last night I did however laugh the hardest I have laughed in a really long time. In fact, as I was going to sleep last night, I would involuntarily giggle while laying bed just thinking about it. Aaron got down the scanner and pulled out of his closet this big pink box o' treasures. Every letter and card I ever wrote him, and every photograph that he owns is in it. I have never seen some of these photos. Classic I tell you. Classic. I will share some of them on my blog this week. They are just too funny not to share.

And I also managed to scan a bunch of polaroids I have been meaning to scan so that I can now label them and put them up on my polaroid wall. Here's 2 from my trip to New York.

Central Park

Dave ironing.