House Project-Boys' Room

The boys' room has always been a bit hard to keep organized, what with them being boys and all. It is where they sleep, keep all their clothes, and their most played with toys and most read books reside. Needless to say it's cramped. I don't have any real BEFORE shots, but this was the rug they had in there. It was the Flor tiles which worked awesome until their ladder made the tiles come apart. And then I was too lazy to order more stickers.

Our whole garage/playroom are Flor tiles and they are fantastic. But for the boys room I don't think the stickers can handle the wear of those two little men. I didn't want to spend a ton on a new rug since, well, it's for the boys and the boys are hard on EVERYTHING in that room. I scoured online stores and found one I loved by Dwell at Target.

Here is a photo of the bookshelf that was in front of the window. That little bench/bookshelf is already gone thanks to Craigslist. It lasted maybe 25 minutes. And some lady is pretty stoked she scored it.

This is what the room looked like once the bench was gone, the rug was in, and the shelves were emptied. Is it just me or does that look like a whole lot of toys for these boys??? And this does NOT include all their puzzles, board games, legos, train table, crafts/art supplies.

These were the large bookshelves holding all their stuff. They were intended for this room to be on the wall where their bunk beds are. But that was when the room was a playroom solely, prior to Greta's arrival. I always thought they were a little overpowering for the window wall.

I really weeded out stuff in their room. They play a ton, but some stuff they never touch. And Greta had a lot of stuff in their room. All her lacing cards, a plastic dollhouse, carriage, magnet sets, domino sets, I moved it all up to her room. The stuff the boys haven't been playing with and I really wouldn't mind seeing it go, I put on our newly designated garage sale shelf in the garage. Some stuff I put in the garage/playroom because I know they will be looking for it in a few weeks. And some stuff I kept around because other kids love to play with it when they come over. We trashed about a garbage bag full of stuff, saved another bag for garage sale and then relocated the rest to the garage. These bookcases also went into the garage and are now lining the walls. Finally all out stuff out there is off the floor. There's camping shelves, and beach shelves, and file shelves. Lots of work, but so worth an organized garage finally! Hoping it lasts more than a day.

I was looking for something more streamlined and found these shelves at Crate & Barrel and absolutely love them. The price was very reasonable too. I love the open feel to them and the fact we cannot cram the same stuff on every shelf. It helps keep the room a little more simpler and clean looking.

Here's some better shots of their rug.

Their art wall is a bit bare. I recently filed their artwork into their folders, but within a few days that thing will be full again.