This hasn't felt like much of a weekend so far. But we tried to start things out right Thursday night. Thursday night at 10pm is probably one of our favorite times of the week. Don't ask me why, maybe because we know Friday is right around the corner and thus the weekend is eminent. We celebrated Sawyer's 2nd Bible reading Thursday night after Sawyer and the other 2 were asleep. I know, it doesn't make sense to celebrate Sawyer's reading WITHOUT Sawyer, but he had his own little celebration Friday afternoon at Target. And Aaron and I were pretty wound up that night. It's pretty stressful to have your little one go on stage in front of 120 people and read for 5 straight minutes. All the while not knowing if he would actually go through with it. So our little Thursday night snack including a bottle of champagne and a delicious plate of my most favorite snack. Aaron makes the best heirloom tomato, mozzarella and basil treat. Drizzled with a little grapeseed oil. Delish. A few episodes of Madmen, and that's pretty close to perfection right there.

Friday night I wasn't sure what I was thinking, other than giving Aaron some time to himself that he couldn't even enjoy because he had to work late. But I ventured with all 3 kids to Lakeshore Learning Center and then Target. Armed with Night at the Museum 2 for $9 we came home for Friday evening movie night. Aaron and I worked our tails off until well after the kids were asleep. We redid the boys' room and I am so pleased with it. Pictures will come later in the week. But once we redo any room in the house it's a trickle down affect. Which inevitably ends up with the garage looking like a disaster site. The garage was saved until Saturday evening to conquer, and is still a work in progress you could say. But Aaron is thrilled to have the boys' old shelving units out there for shelf space. Now his mess can attempt to look organized on different pieces of horizontal wood.

Saturday was full and busy with our normal activities and throw in work for me, a crazy long meeting for Aaron, and that unsightly garage, you've got some tired souls in this house. Tired souls who won't have much of a Sunday either. Aaron and I are going separate ways, I am taking the kids to my cousin's first public discourse and Aaron is heading down to Redondo Beach for one of his.

So at the rate this weekend has gone so far, Aaron and I are going to schedule some time to see each other next Thursday night at 10pm. :-) Champagne will be a possibility. . .