Last weekend we spent Saturday night in Orange County with Jane and David  and met up with Paige and Seth while we were there. Okay people. MY city is shutting down childcare, THEIR city provides FREE hot air balloon rides and FREE ice skating. AND FREE rentals!! Seriously, we need to move. I love suburbia as long as I don't have to go to the suburban food chains. The large parking lots are fantastic. The Costcos and Old Navys. Amazing.

Back to the weekend. Irvine has a place called Great Park where we spent Saturday. The hot air balloon was super exciting, especially for the kids. I could do without the motion of the balloon as we took off and landed. But once we got up there it was perfect. I will have to post the ice skating pictures in another post, but the kids loved it! Oh, and the other free thing? As we were waiting to get into the ice skating rink, they have a little FREE stand of arts and crafts for the kids where they made these adorable lollipop rings. Did I mention this entire day was FREE?! So of course we got to splurge on delicious sushi for dinner and Tutti Frutti for dessert. Followed the next day by delicious brunch in downtown Orange.

Filling out our waivers in case we died.

And someone got some handsome new glasses!!