New Post Introduction- Skin Questions

I get lots of emails with questions about skin problems or disorders. And sometimes people just don't know exactly what to do with their skin or what not to do. So I thought it may be a good thing to occasionally feature a question on my blog and maybe it'll help answer someone else's question out there as well. It's always hard to help people with their skin if I can't see them in person, but for the most part I can help lead them down the right path.

I'm no doctor or nurse, but unfortunately most dermatologists out there are not familiar with over the counter products that can help common problems. They are most familiar with skin diseases or disorders, prescriptions of antibiotics, and procedures. So I will just give my opinion here when it comes to people's questions. The internet is a huge source of information out there, and you don't always know what is right or wrong. So this is just MY two cents.

Recently I got an email about someone with Rosacea. I have a lot of experience with Rosacea because Aaron has it and several people in his family do as well.

Here's a little background about Rosacea-

It's a vascular disorder and most commonly is identified by flushed cheeks. It can be more serious if left untreated, which can cause hard bumps on the cheeks and nose. Fortunately Aaron's is very well under control and only has occasional flare ups. I believe that it is hereditary, but it doesn't have to run in your family for you to have it.

Most people don't like having to control it because it means taking away a lot of their favorite things. Some triggers of Rosacea for most people are dairy, citrus fruits, alcohol, spicy foods, hot drinks such as tea and coffee, to name just a few. Anything that would cause you to feel flushed or cause heat to rush to your face, is basically bad for Rosacea. You wouldn't want to wash your face with very hot or very cold water. You should also stay away from saunas, steam rooms, hot baths. Sun exposure is often a trigger as well.

It's really amazing if you stay away from things that are triggers, how much you can help the Rosacea without applying a single cream or antibiotic.

I would definitely stay away from harsh scrubs and serums or creams that contain strong alpha hydroxy. Try and use products that are designed for sensitive skin, but not full of thick or oily ingredients. People with Rosacea tend to clog easily and so drugstore bought moisturizers tend to have wax and fillers that can sit on the surface of your skin. Products containing petroleum would not be good. Sunscreen is very important and whether you have Rosacea or not, should be worn every single day. You can receive the Vitamin D you need through your arms and legs without exposing your face and neck to the harsh effects of the sun.

So there's my first little post with a skin question. If you have one just send me an email, no matter how small or big it may be, or how dumb you think it sounds. No doubt if you're thinking it someone else may be as well. And if I can't answer your question maybe I can point you in the right direction.