in case you missed it.

i am not very hopeful at this point that greta's school will be saved. the way the mayor is talking, it's just not very likely that he will take no for an answer. it's so sad because her school is a lovely, AFFORDABLE preschool on the westside of los angeles. it's completely full and they even carry a waiting list. but because it falls under the department of parks and recreation, it is subject to the budget and layoff cuts. and according to what the mayor said yesterday, this is just the beginning.

it's very disheartening and the parents of her school banded together and tried to get as much media coverage as we could before the council's vote which happens today. we crashed the lacity.org site on wednesday and the mayor's office was flooded with hundreds of calls. somehow i was given the job of coordinating with all the media stations and yesterday was a very long day.

just yesterday alone i did a phone interview with LA OPINION, i emailed our story to L.A. Times, met and interviewed with KTLA, met and interviewed with Fox News, and apparently the hour i was gone doing a facial, KCAL was there doing a piece for CBS/KCAL. I coordinated Univision which will do a piece on our school probably today with some of our spanish speaking parents. i don't think there's a news station we DIDN'T speak with. and their response was awesome! one of our moms was heard yesterday morning on KFI with a phone interview as well. FOX played a new piece this morning on Good Day L.A. about our school as well.

Here are the links to the stories that have already been aired. Be warned, it is VERY hard to watch myself on television. I'm only in the KTLA and FOX pieces, but I am including all the links below.

This first link has two pieces you can choose from, it says click to watch video underneath the larger screen, the first is from this morning and the one on the right where i am in the thumbnail is from last night.


CBS did this piece on our school yesterday.


And KTLA's piece, this one is probably my favorite because Greta is their subject in the very beginning.