the little things

Loving little things today such as. . .

1. 50 free gigs of HD space. and that is WITH Madmen season 2 on itunes. i love it when i get to clear out space.

2. my new necklace from nordstrom.

3. my rain boots. we got yet another downpour today. and of course at exactly the time the bell rings to let the kids out of school is the hardest rain of the entire day.

4. scholastic book orders. sawyer received his stack of new books yesterday and i added some in there for greta, she is enjoying Princess Pigtoria and the Pea, and Pink!

5. receiving emails from clients who are so happy and grateful for photos i've taken. knowing that they love the photos i take, and that what i see through my lens is something they want to capture and savor.

6. leftovers. enjoying a simple dinner that we had tonight which consisted of super bowl leftovers from junior's deli. pastrami sandwiches and the best chicken noodle soup in town.

and something not so little, my new nephew was born yesterday. welcome fynn riley! i cannot wait to meet him in a few weeks and take a million photos of him and his brother.