just a teeny rant

This weekend and week is a doozy. The shower went off without a hitch, post coming, I just need to get my sister's photos since I took very few with my camera, and it's pretty much all decor, before the shower really started. And I don't think I can do a post without a photo of the mama to be! Now that the shower is completed I get to focus on non-exciting responsibilities. I'd much rather plan baby showers.

I'll feel better once I get this off my chest. It's just a small rant. And this may help explain why I will be wearing workout clothes everyday this week. I find exercising has helped with the pent up anger I've had recently. This Wednesday is the third grade parents turn to host a school tradition. Each grade's teachers and aides are honored one month each year, and it's our turn for December. We feed the entire school staff for one day and I'm finding myself becoming a broken record. I am kinda done with parents letting other parents do all the work. Maybe it's because this is my 4th teacher appreciation brunch and I've let parents off the hook in year's past by just ignoring their non-participation. But this time, it's kind of irritating. I mean seriously, you can't respond to an email? You have to make me USE A PHONE and call 8 families and try to guilt them into doing their fair share?! I know it doesn't sound that bad, but imagine being the sole organizer for your class of 25 kids, and trying to figure out how many salads, pastas, drinks, desserts, waters, etc. needs to be donated and then getting all TWENTY FIVE families to actually sign up for those items. AND then keeping track of the signups and then having to remind all 25 families of what they signed up to bring because they can't possible keep track of that for 5 days. Oh, and then those families who are too bothered to go to a grocery store and put together a salad? They'd rather just give me $10? Sure. Because I love going to the grocery store with my three kids and putting together YOUR platter. Which most likely will cost more than $10 so then I have to pay the difference. And then I LOVE assembling that platter as well. Oh, and don't forget spending the entire afternoon before the brunch decorating the lounge. Because all I have is free time. All I have are 3 children at 2 different schools, 2 part time jobs and a house, husband, and dog to care for. A daughter at a coop preschool which means you work at the preschool one day each month, 2 elementary school aged kids where I volunteer in each class once a week. So yes, all I have is TIME to do other people's responsibilities. You see just because you're a parent doesn't mean you are not lazy. There are plenty of lazy parents out there. I just refuse to be one of them, and with that comes the aggravation of dealing with all the lazy ones.

There. I feel so. much. better.