why i started

This past week when Gunnar turned 9, I spent about an hour going back through my blog and reading over some posts from 2007. It's been 3 years this very month. I was reminded of why I started this blog in the first place. I cannot tell you how much I laughed and cried reading through those posts. I also feel sad that these conversations and moments have slipped my memory completely. I am so grateful for this space. So grateful that I recorded all our adventures and the funny things my kids have said. For instance, I didn't remember how clear Greta spoke at such an early age. A few of her favorite things she would say at 18 months? Chewbacca is gonna die. Those earrings are buutiful. How could I forget she said these things?!

And then I came across some video posts and my eyes were welling up with tears. Sawyer was 3 years old at the time and it amazes me that even back then he was so attentive to detail in his drawings and his imagination was so glorious. Take a look.

And this video of Greta at 2 years old. Oh boy, did her brothers shape her childhood or what. :)

And then I stumbled across my most favorite photo of my boys. I can hardly remember my rolly polly Soso. He was so round and fat. And delicious.

After reading through and seeing all the changes my family has made it really makes me happy that I created this a few years ago. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner. All their funny sayings, their hilarious conversations, and the sweet faces they make, are all here, because my poor old brain doesn't remember it any longer. At least I have this. I also am very inspired to keep taking video clips. If I only make a 3-4 minute video every few months, it'll be just enough to help me remember.