Nykiel Family

This was my third time photographing the Nykiel family, and it was such a beautiful day. Beautiful family. Beautiful weather. Beautiful photo shoot. They had grandparents from both mom and dad's side visiting from Europe and I felt like I just tagged along for a little hike near their house. It was my kind of photo shoot and as I was snapping away all I kept saying to myself over and over again was how much this little boy is loved. You can see it in everyone's interactions with him. He is a well loved and special little boy. I make sure whenever I am photographing little ones, especially in the 1-3 year old range, that I make friends first and foremost with them. However long it takes to warm it is fine by me. But it's crucial otherwise I cannot do my job because they are uncomfortable, unhappy, and just not themselves. I can assure you this little boy was totally himself. And I loved it. He blew me away, he understands THREE languages! Dutch, spanish and english. I died with laughter when we were passing the parking lot and we yelled out, AUTO! AUTO! Too cute.

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