Day Two Complete

I made it. Day two was so much less painful than Day one. I woke up and didn't even feel all that hungry and the juices even tasted better today. I didn't have to pace myself but I had to actually remind myself that it was time to drink them. No cravings or yucky feelings today. Just good energy and satisfaction that I made it. It's been so rainy here that I nixed our original plan to go to the Natural History Museum and instead took the kids to Surfas and picked up all our baking supplies. We spent most of the day holed up inside baking baking baking. And I wasn't tempted at all. I didn't even lick my fingers if you can believe it. I will do a separate post of what we made but I am trusting that everything came out delicious. I don't know what got into me since I'm not a big baker. But maybe not eating it was motivation to make a whole ton. The kids loved it and Greta especially was more than eager to lick any spoon and spatula that needed it.

Aaron on the other hand just completed his first day and I so sympathize with him. Poor guy came back to bed and laid there this morning. I asked him, "don't you have to go to work?" "I'm already hungry" was his response. Poor guy, but I think he will wake up tomorrow feeling great, and I'm already salivating at what I am going to eat tomorrow.