Wordless Wednesday is going to be skipped this week. But there's been a whole lot of photo love lately so I don't feel too bad about missing it.

I just finished Day 1 of my cleanse and I'll be honest, it wasn't a piece of cake. This is the first time I've done a cleanse this intense, but fortunately it's short because otherwise I couldn't do it. It's from a place in Brentwood called Pressed Juicery. The site explains it much better than I can, but I was wanting something really healthy and something to challenge me during my health month of December. A friend told me about it and so I decided after reading the information that this was what I was looking for. You don't have to get delivery, in fact it's cheaper if you go there in person and pick up your day's worth of juices, but I do admit in this torrential rain with three children on winter break, it's kind of nice to have a little cardboard box cooler delivered to my front door. I have to drink 8 16 oz containers of juice each day. I am only doing 2 days and Aaron is beginning tomorrow and doing 2 days as well.

This morning I really didn't think I could do it. I got a cold Monday and the last thing I wanted was to drink a dark green juice labeled, kale spinach romaine parsley cucumber celery. I am not a morning eater type of person so to drink 16 ounces when I woke up was torture. Then you move onto the roots portion(everything in the greens drink PLUS beets and carrots) drink followed by another greens and then I almost lost it. It didn't help that I took the kids to the best pizza place in Los Angeles for lunch and I had to sit there and watch them eat their pizza, and then NOT eat their pizza crust! And when I got home I had to down my fourth drink which was the detox part of the cleanse. Lemon, cayenne pepper and filtered water. 16 ounces of it! BLEH. I wanted to throw in the towel during that one but I wisely signed up yesterday for a Bar Method class for this evening knowing that I would need a distraction and hoping the endorphins would rise above the hunger pains. And it did. I finally got over my hump as class started and I feel great. On a side note, Bar Method, changing my body. Absolutely love it. After only four classes my pilates instructor commented on how flexible I have become and I can stretch beyond I have ever been able to before. This is definitely going to be a weekly habit for me, I wish I could fit in more times a week but for now one time is all I can do.

I came home to finish off another roots drink and lastly 16 ounces of almond milk. The other two drinks I sipped throughout the day for added hydration, aloe vera water and chlorophyll water. I have a little bit of oomph in me that says I can do this again tomorrow and also knowing Aaron is going to struggle through his first day, I hope I can cheerlead him on a bit.

I really like this place supplying the drinks because all their juice is from cold pressed and organic foods. They deliver each evening so the juice is the freshest. And my cold? Barely noticeable. I sneezed and sneezed during the cayenne pepper drink and then after my class I feel like it's barely there now, but we'll see how I wake up tomorrow. I honestly would recommend even just trying it for a day. Or a meal supplement if you're in the area and stop in for a 16 ounce drink of greens. When are you ever going to eat THAT much kale and spinach? The whole idea is to get your body into a state of alkalinity which is ideal because that is when your body fights off infection and functions the best. I really didn't do much prep the days leading up to the cleanse but just stayed away from red meat and refined flour.

I don't recommend you do this when you plan to be home all day, no worries it's not a diuretic so you don't need to be near the toilet (unless your body reacts that way normally). I really need the distractions so as not to think about all the food in my refrigerator that I'm not allowed to eat. I haven't felt weak or shaky at all, just hungry. My tummy growls and definitely would like some solid food, but nothing painful. It's more a mental thing for me. It's definitely an excellent exercise in self control for me and I know when I'm done I'll feel great and that I accomplished something huge.

I'll keep you posted as I finish tomorrow and am undecided if I'm going to complete tomorrow with a bowl of brown rice or actual lettuce leaves and fresh carrots just to celebrate. Oh that sounds divine right now!!!!