Greta and Her Papa

These two together crack me up. Greta doesn't really have the same relationship that either of her brothers have with my dad. Gunnar is super affected by my dad's opinions and will fall apart if he thinks my dad is unhappy with him(kinda like myself...and my sister). Sawyer likes to talk my dad's ear off. Greta, she likes to tease my dad. I have never seen anything like it in all my life. Next time you see her ask her to show you what my dad looks like when someone takes a photo of him. You'll die. She comes up with this stuff all on her own.

When we were in Ojai last month Greta was very interested in doing what her brothers were doing. She marched right up to me and said, "can girls golf?" I said of course they can! And she marched right onto that green and picked up a golf club. She insisted on going to the driving range with the boys and insisted on my dad showing her the proper formation. In fact, when we got back to our hotel room I walked out of our bathroom and into my parents' adjoining room to find her standing on my dad's bed asking if her "triangle" was correct and making practice swings over and over again.

Something tells me I will cherish these photos forever.