winter breaking

The kids last week of school was last week, and now they have THREE weeks off. It makes no sense. We have one week at spring break, which isn't enough, and three weeks during winter break, which is too many. The weather looks like it's not going to cooperate very well this week. We've had rain since last Wednesday or Thursday. I mean pouring torrential rain. But we still plan on doing some fun things with our time, Some of those on our agenda include: Natural History Museum (buying a membership was THE best purchase for us), making homemade peppermint bark, my sister's pregnancy photo shoot, a few movie theatre trips, lots of reading from our humongous stack of library books, some one on one time with Greta while the boys go to one week of winter camp, and then when Greta returns to school (her break is only two weeks) some fun one on two time with my boys, lots of egg nog and hot chocolate, lots of sitting by the fire, planning out our garden planter boxes for springtime, and catching up on housework because after the weekend we had it looks like a tornado blew through here. I did promise these kids a trip to a toy store one time on their break for one item each and they're already scheming what they'll get. No doubt it will be somewhere along the lines of a Wii game, some princess paraphernalia, and Legos.

Aaron couldn't get the time off work for a trip to Mammoth so we'll be doing that later in the ski season in February and once my nephew makes his debut. But I do look forward to Aaron having 2 3-day weekends in a row. He does have to work the day after Christmas but hopefully we'll get to keep him home and he won't be busy.

The boys had their Winter Concert this last week, and I am just so proud of these guys. They really are such good boys. I love to watch them. You can guess that Gunnar's songs were about peace and happiness based on all the tie dye shirts.

Oh Soso. Steals the show every time with his shoulder shaking and moves.

Two days later was Sawyer's class' Winter Party. They decorated gingerbread houses, heard winter themed stories, drank hot chocolate and other delicious foods.

Happy Winter Break for all of you with school aged kids!