how'd i forget

Quick answer to question: My dress from the baby shower is by Marc Jacobs and from Bloomingdales, belt from my own collection. Happy shopping! :)

Also, I'm so excited when I see comments, especially from people so far away (ahem, Shannon)! Love that my blog is getting a little bit of love from NH!

I have a thing with catalogs, I browse through very few. In fact, the majority make it to the recycler as soon as I walk in from checking the mailbox. But I do like to peruse a few, Williams Sonoma being one. I tell you they have the best gadgets and kitchen goodies.

My sister was gifted this at her shower from Williams Sonoma and I can't tell you HOW jealous I am. I am considering having a fourth child just so I can use this. Do you know how many months, probably years, I slaved over our stove with 4-6 pots going at once, steaming veggies and then switching back and forth between the blender and the food processor. My kitchen looked like a Gladware commercial. I had a system down very quickly where I would freeze amounts that would last about 2-3 days so I could just take a tupperware out of the freezer, stick it in the fridge and then spoon out just the right amount for the baby's meal for the next few days. That meant I had to have a LOT of small containers that were refreezable. I learned it was a much better system than the ice cube one where I had to defrost 1-2 ice cubes per meal. I did this ONCE a month! I devoted a whole night to it, lasting about 4-6 hours so my babies never had to taste jar baby food. Now they have this thing called Beaba, it steams, purees, defrosts, warms. It does it all! I think this tops the Louis Vuitton diaper bag, and ties with her stroller for the most coveted item she was gifted.

And the freezer trays? Oh lord. Stop me now.

Coordinating lunch box set. Come on.

As I was flipping through the catalog I stopped a few times, and even folded down a page or two. Since I'm growing fresh herbs now pretty consistently. Our rosemary is still surviving, as well as our mint. And as soon as spring rolls around I can plant some more basil, cilantro, and thyme. How fantastic is this? It's an herb mill that takes fresh herbs and minces them perfectly.

And lastly, I'm pretty vocal about my love of popsicle making in summertime. But I do hate the cheap plastic molds they come in. Look at this! It's a new popsicle maker that freezes in as little as SEVEN minutes! And it has a special release tool so I don't have to run them under hot water to get the pops out. There's even a coordinating popsicle cookbook. When did Williams Sonoma tap into my dreams??

Boys would D.I.E. for this.