A Bit More of Ojai

I posted our horseback riding photos and completely forgot to follow up with some other ones of our time in Ojai. I think making the video sidetracked me. But here's some stills from our trip last month. As I was reviewing these the kids came up to me and asked when we're going back. Uh, 11 more months? Sigh. It's too long.

If they carried her jacket in my size, I would definitely be an owner of one.

We love to take walks when we are up there. They have a bike trail and every time we go on it we see people riding their horses, and they always stop and let us visit. We also take apples to this one special horse that we've been visiting for the last 2 years. And this year, she had a baby! It was pretty exciting for the kids to watch her nurse her colt.

She was super playful and kept jumping on her mama to play. The kids couldn't stop cracking up.

I have one more post of golf-centric photos to post next week. Until then, happy Friday tomorrow and happy weekend everyone!